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Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband
from $49.99/mo. Seriously.

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For 24/7 technical support, call 6436 6638.

Crystal Clear High
Definition Video

With a network especially
engineered for smooth streaming
performance, enjoy HD videos as
they load and play amazingly fast.

Ultra-Fast Speeds
Across Multiple Devices

1Gbps enables a whole family on tablets, laptops, desktops and smart
TVs to watch online videos, game, surf
and download at ultra-fast speeds.

Superior Peak Hour

Only MyRepublic prioritises
different types of traffic, allowing
streaming, surfing or gaming to run
seamlessly all the time.

“The whole family loves
my daughter’s watching
TV online, my son’s
gaming, I’m downloading
and my wife is surfing the
web all at the same time
and with no delays or

Doxie Davis, MyRepublic Facebook comment

“MyRepublic Teleport is
awesome! I watched
‘The Following’,
‘Revolution’ on Hulu Plus
and my kids are watching
all the toons on Netflix!
Works amazingly well
with Apple TV. So glad I
made the switch.”

Winston Chua, MyRepublic Facebook comment
Plans & Pricing Sign Up Now

We promise 100% of our advertised bandwidth at least 99% of the time for video streaming, online gaming, surfing and VoIP.

Your Current
Isn’t Finished?

No worries if you’re still on a contract with another internet service provider! We’re giving up to $200 credit to help cover your cost of switching now.

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Missed Your

If you need your OpenNet Termination Point (TP) installed because you missed their free offer, we’ll offer up to $235.40 free credit.

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Questions? Call our 24/7 hotline 6436 6638 or visit one of our retail outlets.